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We should not consume any supplement without any knowledge. Protein shakes have a very good quality protein which we can drink at any time or replace meals. Many people say that after a workout is the best time to drink protein shakes. Some people say that the best time to drink protein is in the morning and After a workout. Protein is a complete micronutrient supplement. Because it builds muscles, recovers, and repairs muscle tissues, and helps to prevent muscle loss in low-calorie programs.

This is the reason that we should take more protein based foods in our daily routine life. Protein intake requirement is 0.8g/kilogram of the body weight for an average man and for building muscles, this range goes up to 1.3g or 2.0g/kilogram of the body weight.

The Benefits of Protein Shakes vs Protein Foods

food vs shake- best time to drink protein shakes

Actually, There are no meaningful differences in both. Protein is protein, no matter it is in liquid form or solid form. It makes no difference either you consume a high-quality protein from food like chicken, Turkey, Green Peas and Milk or from protein shakes. Yes, It is true. There is no difference between them.

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Why people prefer protein shakes?

Because It is easy to drink a protein shake. you do not need to spend time to cook food. We can complete our protein requirement by adding protein shakes in our diet plan. But I prefer to consume high-quality protein from food that I have mentioned above such as chicken, lean meat, turkey, non-fat dairy products. because eating food is more satisfying than drinking shakes. If you can eat more solid food at every meal or having no problem to cook food then why you need to waste money of protein supplements.

“Yes, It is waste to spend money on protein powder”, I say. But in case if you are not able to eat properly or meet your daily protein requirement for any reasons, then I recommend protein shakes. because it fills your protein need on time and your body doesn’t feel hunger. that is why I drink protein shakes during meals and before sleep. It completes my daily intake of protein for better recovery.

What people say?

Every Trainer, supplement companies, less knowledgeable people give different advice on diet plans or some times mislead people with no knowledge of supplements. Their real purpose is to increase the sale of supplements for small margins. We are not here for targeting somebody’s thinking or knowledge. Actually, we are talking about the best time to drink protein shakes.

best time to drink protein shakes

People advise a lot to drink protein shakes in every single meal. I mean to say that drink in a breakfast meal, before and after a workout, even during a workout, in lunch, then in pre-evening protein snack, in dinner. I mean to say that people suggest drinking protein shakes between meals.

For example, in breakfast, before and after a workout, even during a workout, in lunch, then in pre-evening protein snack, and in dinner and some people also use protein powder in yogurt and make protein cookies.

Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes

It is a myth that drinking protein powder in every meal builds muscles. I say again that protein is protein. whether it comes from protein shakes or food. Yes, It is true that there are ideal times to consume protein in a day. It has nothing to do with protein shakes. your daily protein intake can be completed with protein-rich foods. our body just needs high-quality protein. we can make our diet plan mixing protein shakes with high-quality protein. But There is a window when our body is in that state where it is beneficial to give high-quality protein to our body.

Yes, we are talking about post workout window or you can say that after a workout is the best time to drink a protein shakes. But here is a trick that most people still confuse that they should drink a protein shake immediately after workout or they need to wait for 30 mins.

Myth on Protein Shakes..

I think it is just a myth that we should drink protein right after a workout session. People say that if we do not consume high-quality shake after a workout then we will lose muscles, we’ll not gain strength or our workout session would be wasted.

These are all terrible things. Because the truth is something completely different than these myths. According to me and many types of research, the actual window time is 1 to 2 hours after a workout to drink protein.

The only thing matters that your daily intake of protein. It does not matter that protein comes from solid food or shakes. Now, we are going to talk about the best time to consume protein. I am not talking about shakes. It is about protein rich foods because protein shake is just a way to consume high-quality protein.

You can consume protein food meals at any time of the day until you reach your daily intake limit. But it doesn’t mean you consume all protein quantity in a single meal or 2 times a day. there is a pattern to eat protein so your body can digest it and use that protein to increase strength and muscle performance. You can divide the equal amount of protein in every meal.

For example

Your body weight is 80 Kg. So, you need between 104g (80 x 1.3g/kg) of protein and 160g (80 x 2g/kg). Now, it all depends on your plan. you know very well that how much protein you need every day to build muscles. I am just giving you an example of an idea.

I prefer to divide at least 30g of protein in every meal. Because it is easy to digest and the body uses this much quantity in a better way to build muscles. If you need 160g every day, you are consuming 5 meals/ day which gives you 32g protein in each meal. Your daily intake of protein is the first priority, rest everything is after that.

you need 160g every day, you are consuming 5 meals/ day which gives you 32g protein in each meal. Your daily intake of protein is the first priority, rest everything is after that.

What should we eat in Pre-workout and Post-workout meal?

I already said that consuming the desired quantity of protein in each meal of the day”. It means I am also talking about pre-workout meal and post-workout meal. Because in these two scenarios protein meal is very helpful to increase your performance. I am not saying that you will gain muscles faster if you take protein shakes in pre and post workout meals. But, It helps to reach your goal faster.

best time to drink protein shakes

Definitely, protein shakes are more effective than food but only in a few situations. If you are having a pre-workout meal 1-2 hours before your workout session then it is completely fine with me. But in case you eat 30 mins before the workout then you will have some digestion problem. So, if you miss your pre-workout meal 1-2 hrs before then drink a protein shake 30 mins before. Because shakes are fast digesting. It will not make any difference.

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Some people eat 4 hrs before a workout session. Again, you can take protein shake 30 mins before workout. When your workout is done, you can take a protein shake 1-2 hrs after the session. These are the best scenarios to take protein shakes.

In case, you do not feel like cooking or you are not well to cook, or you are busy at some work, or you are really not in a mood to cook. Then, this is the best time to drink protein shakes. After all, we are consuming a high-quality protein to complete our daily intake of protein. No matter the source of protein whether it is a protein shake or a high-quality protein food.

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