About gym training

About Gym Training

Whenever you start to wonder, You will find this Gym.Training Website helpful to achieve your body goals.

You guys might think about the Author.

  1. Who is writing all of this?
  2. Why should we listen to all about Fitness things?

Those are good questions, so I am trying to give you good answers about fitness queries.

Who is the Author And What he Does?

Well, My name is Bikram. I am the one who writes all this stuff on this website Blog you’re on right now (www.gym.training). I am an author and creator. But, I am helping thousands of men and women on the internet to achieve their body goals. More people want to lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, diet programs, set up their workout routines, reach their goals, and feel as healthy as they possibly can.

How Did I Start Doing Gym Training?

I became interested in exercise, nutrition, strength, muscle growth, fat loss in 2007. when I was a Boxing Player on my college sports team. I started to write about it in 2014. After 3 years, I started helping others with it in 2017.I’ve been through all of it. I did so many studies on Fitness. Since then,
I’ve written, authored or developed the stuff has been seen and used by thousands of people from all over the world. But My work has gone on to help men and women improve their body goals.

Athletic Background


I was an athlete who played different sports in my school and college. From basketball, Cricket and Running, to Boxing. Most-played in some organized leagues, but Boxing played regularly in College and university. Besides that, I won a silver medal in inter-college boxing championship in 2009 and played different sports on different spots like Medium Pace Bowler In cricket, a guard in basketball, and known as an aggressive boxer. Absolutely, I was competing guys who were twice my age. I was playing sports activities with passion. But, I was always fond of muscles and athletic body type. After finishing my studies, I started working at some multi-national company. I hardly gave time to my workout routine. Then I decided to build a workout routine. I joined the gym and started to maintain my athletic body type. That’s where I started to build muscle, get stronger, be fit and healthy.