Importance of Exercise

Exercise is the only thing you can do to improve your health. It gives you benefits and improves your health and fitness, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases and heart diseases. There are so many types of exercise that you can do. It’s important that you pick the right exercise for you. Most people do a combination of them:

List of Regular Routine Exercises

1. Cardiovascular or Aerobic:

Cardiovascular exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. It keeps your heart diseases and blood vessel diseases away, and circulatory system healthy and improve your fitness. Such as Speed walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

2. Weight or Strength Training:

These exercises make you stronger and give you good muscular body and strength. Examples are lifting weights and using a resistance band.

 weight training exercise chart

3. Flexibility:

This exercise gives you flexibility in muscles and can help you to improve the joint’s movement. There are so many different flexibility exercises available on the internet. However, Yoga can make you more flexible.


Nowadays, Exercise schedule becomes difficult in our daily lives. We are so busy to make money for a good lifestyle. But we are forgetting our health. So you can start exercising slowly and increase the duration of your exercise after a few days. Even you do 10- 15 times a day, it is fine. You just need to understand How much exercise you need according to your age and health. Other things that you can do to make the most of your workouts include

Choose exercises that impact on different parts of the body, including your core and your back, abdomen. Because Core training improves stability and helps to prevent lower back injuries. Enjoy your exercises. Because It is easy to do exercises a regular part of your life if you love doing it. Do safely, with proper equipment, and guidance to prevent injuries. don’t overdo it.

4. Challenge yourself

You should set your body goals. It is helpful to motivate you when you have a body goal. You will be proud of yourself when you will achieve it.