How Does Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss help?

We would all agree that burning calories is not an as easy task as it seems to be. Not a lot may know but, when the body burns calories you need to consume a proper calorie intake. When you are eating fewer calories instead of burning, It creates a calorie deficit. It is also called an energy deficit as a unit of heat or energy is called a calorie. In short, you need to create a Calorie Deficit For Weight Loss.

Though it seems to be not so difficult work of a calorie deficit and lose weight, the process, on the other hand, can be a difficult task. One needs to maintain a special calorie deficit diet to make the diet work.

Research says, you at least need 3500 calories of calorie deficit in a week to lose 1 pound of fat. If you intake nearly 500 calories per day you will easily reach 3500 calories in a week. All you need to have is to keep in mind some things of deficit of 500 calories for Losing fat.

How To Maintain Calorie Deficit For Weight Loss

You guys will love to know that the process is not at all difficult and can be done with minimum efforts. You don’t even need to starve or follow a certain diet or fast to achieve the target of those 3500 calories. All you gotta do is follow these three easy steps.

1. Consume Less Food

You need to eat less food. When you minimize your portion of food make sure to cut back on all snacking and always try to opt for low calories food for meals. If you cut back on your intake, you will succeed in having a large amount of fat loss.

2. Be Physically Active

Your body has a certain process and works systematically and accordingly. The body depends on your physical activity level during the day. It also depends on the immovable activity. If the calories you get from only the food you consume is equal to that which your body weight needs then that takes you to a calorie deficit. 

3. Exercise

Many people while dieting choose exercising along. It helps to increase our metabolic rate easily. As depending on the diet they might eat less like 250 calories. To balance those consumed calories they workout and burn the added calories.

calorie deficit for weight loss

This movement totals the 500 calories limit and reaches a calorie deficit. This is the reason we see fast results in people who are dieting and exercising as well.

Click Here To Track Your Daily Calorie

There are more easy ways to keep an eye on calories burned by you:

These are the easiest ways to go low on your calories:

Stop Drinking Calories

Sugary Beverages, Packed Juices, Soda or Alcohol pump your body with an excess amount of calories. Later these excessive amounts of calories lead to gain weight situation.

Dump Processed or Packed Food

Processed Foods always contain a high amount of low-quality ingredients such as Sugar, Salt, Unhealthy Oil, and Chemical mixtures. You should start replacing junk food with healthy food.

Eat Home

In order to maintain a healthy weight or body fat, you must quit fast food and eat outside. One should always prefer healthy protein-rich and vitamins, minerals rich food. such as lean meat protein, veg protein, vegetables, and healthy nuts. So your body gets all micronutrients from healthy foods.

Do Cardio and Strength Training 3 times a week

calorie deficit for weight loss

This part is not required but yes it must be on your list while fat loss program. Because of our body metabolism rate goes down when we are on calorie restriction. In order to keep metabolism rate up, we must do high-intensity cardio 3 4 times a week or strength training.

If you are a beginner and you do not have much knowledge about HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training ), then you can read some articles online or ask your gym trainer.

Trust me, Cardio or Strength Training will help you to reach your goal quickly. The bottom line is that we are losing fat as well as building lean muscles.

Eat-in Small Portions

I heard a lot from people that eating less in a small portion really helps to lose weight. First of all, It is not about eating in portions. It all matters on your carbs intake. The recommendation of carbs is 20 to 50 gm per day.

Rest all calories from protein and healthy fats. As long as you are maintaining this cycle of carbs and protein, you are on the right track. You can track your micronutrients by using this free calorie calculator.

A Few More Easy Tips to Lose Fat:

  • Protein-Rich Breakfast:

If you eat protein-rich breakfast then you tend to have less hunger throughout the day. It will help to take control of calorie intake.

  • Avoid Liquid Sugar:

Again we are asking to quit sugary substance drinks.

  • Drink Water Before Meals:

This is a true fact that drinking water before a meal helps to reduce fat quickly. because of your stomach stays full of water.

  • Eat More Fibre:

The study says eating fiber in breakfast reduces body fat.

  • Drink More Coffee:

Caffeine boosts up our body metabolism rate which keeps burning calories all day long.

  • Make A Habit of Slow Eating:

If you eat slow, then you will burn more calories while eating and Lose weight faster.

  • Keep Track of Your Weight:

I recommend keeping a close look at your body weight every day.


As we know these steps, now we know how Calorie Deficit For Weight Loss works. These are very common and day to day things if that requires fewer efforts and never-you-know results.

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