10 Delicious Protein Foods to Eat

Protein helps to build up blocks of muscles and hormones in your body. It has a major role in our daily routine life and all sports activities such as body-building and all other sports. Because we need a protein diet in every meal for muscle recovery and building more muscle tissues. That’s why we should eat more protein-rich diet and snacks in our daily routine life. It is proved that protein helps to gain strength and muscles, on the other hand, helps to lose weight and belly fat. A protein-riched diet keeps blood pressure low and controls diabetes. The daily intake is 46 g protein for women and 56 g protein for men. However, Many health experts believe that we need more than that to do all our daily routine activities. we can eat different foods but these are 10 delicious protein foods list.

Here is the list of 10 Delicious Protein foods :

1. Eggs

eggs 10 delicious protein foods

Either you can eat a Whole egg or egg white. Eggs are the most nutrient-rich food and healthiest source of protein. They also provide good healthy fats, brain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. An egg white is a pure protein but the whole egg is high protein. A Whole egg has 35% of calories (almost 78 calories) and 6 grams of protein.

2. Oats

Oats are the healthiest grains that we can eat in a perfect breakfast meal for more high-quality protein. It has a lot of fiber, minerals, vitamins, magnesium, and other nutrients. A half cup of raw oats contains 13 g protein and almost 300 calories.

3. Almonds

Almonds have so many minerals, vitamins, fiber, and protein. It is known as True nut. we can take one-eight protein of our daily recommended protein need from just a handful of almonds. It is believed that almonds help to reduce cholesterol level. Almonds have 6 g protein and 161 calories ( 13% ) per 1 oz. ( 28 g ).

4. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt also is known as strained yogurt. But It has a very thick and creamy texture. It also has many nutrients as well as very delicious taste. Greek Yogurt is available in 2 different options Non-fat Greek yogurt and Full-fat greek yogurt. It has 17 g protein and almost 100 calories in 170 g container. Always prefer Non-fat Greek yogurt without sugar. Full fat yogurt also good but has so many calories.

5. Cottage Cheese

There are so many different types of healthy cheese available in the market. such as Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Swiss cheese and Cottage cheese. Of course, cottage cheese has very low fat and calories. It is good for health. It has many nutrients like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Minerals, Phosphorus, etc.. As we discussed earlier, it is low in fat and calories. so here are details:

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Cottage Cheese: (226 g) of cottage cheese has 2% fat and almost 27g protein, only 194 calories.

6. Milk

Milk is a good source of extreme quality protein and highly nutritious. If you love to drink milk then you can have more minerals, calcium and good quality protein. However, most people all over the world do not like to drink milk. It contains almost every nutrient that a human body needs to grow. Again it is high in phosphorus, calcium, minerals and vitamin B2. A cup of milk gives you 8 g protein and 149 calories.

7. Tuna

Tuna is a saltwater fish. It has high protein and the mineral selenium. But it is very low in fat and calories. A cup of 154 g gives you 39 g protein and almost 180 calories.

8. Lean Beef

we all know Lean beef is very delicious in taste and also high in protein. lean means when it has less than 10 g of total fat, less than 95mg cholesterol, and 4.5 g or less saturated fat then it considered a lean beef. It is providing iron, 10 important nutrients and half of our daily protein value which we need in everyday routine. 85 g cooked lean beef contains 22 g protein and 170 calories.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is a healthy vegetable, contained vitamin k, vitamin c, minerals, potassium, and fiber. it also helps to protect against cancer. it has one more incredible benefit that it clears caffeine from the body and enhance metabolism. it has a very high protein as compared to other veggies. 96 grams ( 1Cup ) of broccoli contains 3 g protein and 31 calories.

10. Whey Protein Supplements

Whey Protein is a very good source to increase your daily protein intake. whenever you do not have much time to cook a protein diet or busy with something important, this supplement is the best choice to feed your body. It is a high-quality protein. Whey is the watery portion which separates from curd after strained, This is the best protein to build muscle mass and increase athletic performance. It can provide you 20 – 50 g protein per serving depending on brands.

These are 10 delicious protein foods you can try to make your daily meal plan more interesting. consuming more protein means losing weight easily, building muscle mass, and increase strength and athletic performance. Protein also helps to build new tissues in your body so our body organs can function correctly. But there are so many other options available in protein foods, you need to be very selective for a healthy and good source of protein foods.

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