How to Turn Fat into Muscle?

How to turn fat into muscle

Fat and muscle are two different aspects in our body. So turning fat into muscle cannot be done if you do not plan your diet and exercise accordingly. Muscles burn calories even if you are sleeping but on the other hand, fat will take an immense amount of hard work to get rid of. To get a good healthy body, one should stay committed to their regular diet and workout plans.

Without taking any shortcuts, there are safe & natural ways to reduce fat and gaining muscle by merely investing your time and effort.


Food habit:

Eat lots of protein contained food, take notes on every day’s meal but always take less quantity than you burn each day by exercising. In these way, your body will be able to process the of burning calories and developing muscles at the same time.

Replace Heavy Foods With Fast Foods:

Heavy foods like oats, beef, pasta, yogurt, cottage cheese, almond, egg chicken breasts are useful for gaining muscles. Also, these are tasty and healthier than fatty junk food which is solely responsible for the rigid fat in your body.

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Include Strenuous Exercises in Workout Routine:

Heavy activities make your body fit and naturally healthy. These workouts (squat, row, deadlift, pull-up, cable pull down, dip etc. create pressure over your body muscles and help them to develop.

Carbs and Healthy Fats:

There should be enough carbohydrate ( fruits, whole grains, vegetables ) in your diet for muscle building. Maintaining the balance of calories is also important as the source of energy. Healthy fat containing food items like Avocado, fatty fish (salmon, tuna), nuts, seeds & dark chocolate should be taken periodically.

Cardio Exercises:

These high-intensity workouts require muscle movement which is good for keeping them in order and also for burning excess fat. Walking, running, jumping, swimming, cycling are few recommended for proper metabolism and increasing energy.

A Right Amount of Sleep:

Regular dieting can make your body weak and less energetic. To keep the ability to exercise daily, you need to sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Otherwise, your body will not be able to take the stress and ends up having an adverse effect.

Patience and Dedication:

You cannot expect an immediate result right after a few days. All you need is to be self- restrained and loyal to the process itself. By giving a bit of effort regularly one can get a perfect fit muscular body but with time.


One needs a lot of energy for those straining workout sessions on a daily basis. Sometimes supplements are recommended to gain sufficient power as they contained elements like- vitamin, calcium, minerals etc. But the doses and type should be approved by the physicians.

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Drink a Lot of Water:

That long workout causes extreme sweating which reduces the adequate quantity of water in our body. To maintain the balance drinking enough water required. Avoid any soft drinks as drinking supplements.

Moreover, to gain a muscular and fit body, these tips are a life saver. Besides these are also mere a couple of suggestions, and we request you to take good care of your food habits, lifestyle and more importantly of yourself. Staying happy will naturally keep your body healthy and fit.

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