When to Drink Water? The Complete Guide

Everybody agrees that life without water is not only difficult but Impossible. We all know the value of that one sip of water. We have always heard from our elders that water solves everything to an extent. It is actually true. Many of us only drink water only when we feel thirsty, But that is not only reason and time. At this moment everyone should know When To Drink Water and what miracles does water does to our body.

Before doing anything we always want to know the reason behind it. So we will let you know why water us important. It is said that a person should have at least a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. Water helps us in such a way that if we drink those eight glasses every day we will have a perfect and healthy body. Which will make us have a healthy and problem-free life. 

when to drink water

When is the best time To Drink Water

To have those eight glasses of water one should always know When To Drink Water.

1. As Your Day Starts

As you can’t use your mobile without charging it even your body works the same way. Make a routine of drinking a glass of water the first thing in the morning after getting up. Drinking water in the morning helps your body have the energy to look forward to the day. It helps your previous night metabolism settle by removing the radicals of your burned calories. In an easy language, your circulatory system restarts.

2. Right Before Having a Meal

People say drinking water before meal help losing weight. There is no science behind this but as water makes you feel a little full, it gets likely that it will also lower your calorie intake. Because as hydrated you are your body starts preparing for the food you may intake. It helps you rescue from the acidic food which may later cause trouble.

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3. Pre and Post Workouts or Activities

It is obvious that when you are in the middle of the activity you will also have an urge to have fluids to not lower your energy. Likewise, it is very important to drink water before and after your workouts because working out needs to regain the strength you lose while working out. 

You have to drink water before a workout because it helps the proper functioning of your body during your workout. While working while you may feel tired and dehydrated especially during warm weather. It helps from having a heat stroke when your body’s circulation starts getting low.

Similarly, after a heavy workout and doing those difficult exercises, water plays a key role in replacing the fluids by urination. It helps in clearing your system and maintain your weight and health so that you don’t fall ill. Just make sure you drink the water very calmly and slowly and not in a hurry all in just one sip. Otherwise, it may cause stomach ache later.

4. When you are Unwell

As I mentioned earlier water helps you in each and every way and at every second. Your solution to every problem is water. Yes, Parents and elders are actually right. Having those eight glasses of water in a day is all you need to do to not fall sick. Water helps you when you are unwell as it helps you pass the unwanted fluids. Those unwanted fluids may be the reason for you getting sick in the first place.


So be it Fever, Upset bowel system, Bloating, Loose motion, Gas, Tiredness or even a random start of Flu. By keeping these above-mentioned points of when to drink water you can easily avoid all these problems and have a healthy body. So go ahead and have those eight glasses of water for yourself and make ”Water is Life” your motto.

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