What is Hypertrophy? How to Stimulate Muscle Growth?

Hypertrophy is a process of the growth of the muscle cells. The muscle hypertrophy happens with physical exercise. for example weightlifting or weight training.


Muscle Hypertrophy Process

Muscle contraction occurs when nerve impulses increase with the help of muscle exercise. As a result, muscle strength increases without the growth in muscle size. Protein synthesis and the muscle cells start growing stronger and bigger by doing the different exercises techniques over months.

Repair and Stimulation are two main components for muscle growth. Stimulation happens when the muscle contracts with each other during the exercise of the muscle. During a workout, the muscle fibers broke down with repeated contraction in muscles. However, muscle growth comes in a picture when a damaged muscle fiber starts to be repaired. The actual muscle repair process starts after the workout course. But muscle fiber repairs faster when the body is in rest or sleep mode. In rest mode, new muscle fibers produce to increase the speed of repair damaged muscles.

Genetic Effect on Hypertrophy

Hypertrophy results are different even if the process is the same for everyone. Because it depends on the genetic makeup of the muscles. This process varies in muscle growth from one to another person. In some people, muscles grow faster than others with the same workout. Muscle appearance is totally different in everyone due to genetic difference.

For Example, the size and shape of muscles are completely depending on muscle tendons. Such as Long tendon has less growth and small shape in muscles than short tendon muscles with the same workout plan. Many studies say if someone has short muscle tendon, that person is more likely to have bigger muscle shape and size. On the other side, long tendon shows slow or less growth in muscles size and shape.

Exercises for Hypertrophy

There are so many exercises present that help to grow muscle faster with proper contraction against resistance. You have many options to choose for weight training such as bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and free weight exercises. weight load, number of repetitions and rest between sets can affect muscle hypertrophy. But, exact results may be different because of your body type or dedication or workout programs.

How to stimulate the growth of muscle

These are three ways you can grow your muscles:

1. Progressive overload

progressive-overload hypertrophy

In order to grow muscle, gain strength, increase performance, the body needs to be adapted to the stress of heavy loads what it experienced in the past.

2. Fatigue

Push the muscles to their Fatigue limits through As Many Repetitions As Possible strategy

3. Damage Muscle

With progressive overload or fatigue, your muscle would be damage. hypertrophy adaptation occurs in muscle fiber while recovery or repairing muscle cells with proper diet.

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