What are the Causes of Bloating Stomach?

Bloating is a very normal thing to happen in a persons day to day life. Bloating mainly causes in your stomach. It occurs when your gastrointestinal tract sums up with gas or air. It feels as if you have eaten a heavy meal also when you overeat. you will feel very heavy and uncomfortable after eating and will realize that you ate more than you should have. Bloating can make your stomach feel full and can also cause difficulty in breathing and can be very painful too. You may feel like just releasing off that button of your jeans as your stomach will look bigger than normal. Today, we will give 8 causes of bloating stomach.

causes of bloating stomach

8 Serious causes of Bloating Stomach

Bloating can occur due to many reasons but the 10 serious causes of bloating which one should keep in mind are as follows:

1. Excessive Gas? Maybe not

Many people have a misconception that always the main cause of bloating is due to gas.¬†Bloating causes when you eat very fast rather than the normal speed of eating. It also happens when you swallow more air or chew gums. Bloating can also cause due to smoking. But it can also occur because of a medical condition in a person’s body. When your nerves get linked to your bowel which gets too active can also cause bloating. Also due to Acid reflux, when the tube which is connected from your throat to stomach called the esophagus fills with air. If you feel like you have excessive gas than you should consult with your doctor.

2. Salt/Iodine

Salt is something that no one can live without but the consumption should be limited as it may cause problems in the body. the main cause of more intake of salt can lead to high blood pressure which can be very serious if it is not in control. Not only should you avoid much salt but also the prepackaged and cooked ready to eatery items contains most of the salt. Even some of the sugar items contain some proportion of salt in it. Just for the self-reminder, one should check the labels in the ingredients sections for salt or sodium levels on the product to maintain the intake of the salt. The presence of salt is mostly understood when you taste the item but sometimes you will not taste it but will be stunned when you will know that the product did include salt which can cause bloating.

3. Excessive intake of Carbs are causes of bloating stomach

Consumption of carbs is an important factor that we always ignore. If not ignore but it always happens that the person is always unaware of the carbs they intake as we do not understand while eating. Here carbohydrates play a vital role as it gives your body the needed fuel which is consumed quickly. But excessiveness of that makes your body retain water. When the carbs get into your blood it may cause a problem. So you should avoid extra carbs which you may find in white loaves of bread, sugary items, and sodas or soft drink which dissolves into your blood as quickly as it can. While some of the complex carbs such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are not that harmful as they take more time to digest to your body.

4. More and More of Eating

This is one of the main and easy causes of Bloating. Overeating is not intentional obviously but somewhere we ignore knowing the fact that our tummy is full. Our stomach is actually very small then we think but it is understood when we eat something which we love to eat. Favorite dishes are always consumed in more quantity which becomes the main cause of Bloating as it includes lots of iodine and carbs. To Eat healthily and limited comes in handy to avoid overeating which causes Bloating.

5. Feeling Constipated

One of every four people is constipated. It is very irritating to be constipated as it disturbs your digestion system which makes it harder for your food to digest and later causes trouble to your body. It includes other factors such as stress, fatigue and uneasy which spoils the whole routine as well as upsets the stomach which causes bloating stomach. The main factor for constipation is not only food but also not drinking much water your body demands. One can always wait and try for it to cure normally or else can exercise to avoid constipation. If that does not help in a few days then you should visit your doctor.

6. Changes in Weight

Sometimes the change in your body weight can also cause bloating. Especially when you gain weight. Your body and the process changes automatically when you gain weight. The extra weight you gain at a particular time reflects in through your stomach. This leads to a larger belly as it accumulates by the fat and makes it harder for you to have a flat belly. When there are changes that affect your stomach it straight away invites bloating. That is why it always says to have a healthy and fit body to avoid health-related problems.

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7. Mensuration is causes of bloating stomach

causes of bloating stomach

Women will definitely agree and think of bloating as they think of mensuration. The bloating not only causes during the monthly period but may start some days prior to the date. Monthly periods cause bloating as the women feel irritated, stressed, tired and disturb the whole normal process of the body. The particular cause during the Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is unknown but it is said that hormones cause the bloating. Most people recommend is that you should not eat carbs while mensuration.

8. Time to see the doctor

All the above points can help you treat the bloating normally. But even after avoiding the don’ts does not help you and you are feeling weak, uneasy, nauseated, Feverish,¬† severe belly pain or even diarrhea then you should straight away consult your doctor to be one step ahead as all these factors results in heaving bloating. The doctor will run a few tests of lactose intolerance or celiac disease and will medicate you.


However, at the end of the day, the causes of bloating stomach can be easily cured normally if you keep the above points in your mind and avoid the unnecessary items as mentioned. These points will surely come in handy and are for everyone. You will automatically feel good after following these pointers for your healthy body and will enjoy a Bloating-free happy life!

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