5 Easy Exercises For Legs At Home

The people who have a perfect body structure are blessed. To maintain that perfect body structure can be a task for some people. Everyone has a goal or a dream to have a perfect body, especially legs. Legs are considered one of the strengths of our bodies. To have the desired legs one works very hard. Leg exercises are difficult in the beginning but later when you are used to it, it can be done easily. What better than having the knowing the Exercises for legs at home?

Yes, we have various exercises for legs at home which by adding efforts will help you achieve the goal you have in your mind. That too in your own home. So there is no need to worry about hitting the gym every day to have those toned and strong legs you want.

5 Exercises For Legs At Home

There are many legs exercises for legs at home. The below listed are the easiest and important exercises for legs at home which will make you put fewer efforts and gain good results.

1. Squat

exercises for legs at home
  • All you have to do here is that you have to stand with your feet where the distance between your feet should be as per the width of your shoulders.
  • Then you need to add your weight in your heels and make a squat by putting your hips forward which follows by a sit-up. 
  • While the sit-up you should bend your knees till your thighs are straight to the ground.
  • Again while getting up you need to keep your core tight enough on your heels and squeezing your buttocks in. You should feel pressure on your heels while standing back up straight.
  • Reps 12 x 3 Sets.

2. Glute Bridge

exercise for legs at home
  • Lie on the ground or yoga mat and bend your knees with feet flat on the ground.
  • Push your both thighs up with the help of your heels and squeeze your Glutes.
  • Hold the position for at least 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Reverse the position to the starting point.
  • Reps 10 to 12 x 3 Sets.

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3. Leg Raise

exercises for legs at home
  • This exercise can be done in two different ways. Such as Standing and Lie down on the ground.
  • Lie on your leg side and the second leg should be straight on your first leg.
  • Keep your torso straight with the help of your forearm.
  • Raise your upper leg from hip slowly and do not put stress on your lower back while lifting your upper leg.
  • Repeat with both sides one by one per set.
  • Reps 12 to 15 x 3 sets per Leg.

4. Leg Calf Raise

exercises for legs at home
  • Stand on your feet and put them together in a straight line.
  • Raise both heels and keep your hip tight while movement.
  • Raise till Toe Pointed.
  • Hold the position for at least 5 seconds when you raise your heels.
  • Reps 12 x 3 Sets.

5. Bodyweight Lunges

  • This exercise is the hardest leg exercise. so be careful while performing it.
  • Stand on your feet with shoulder width.
  • Take a forward step with the right leg and bend your left leg till you create a 90-degree angle from your hip to feet.
  • Create the same 90-degree angle with the right leg also.
  • Reverse the position and then repeat with leg left while moving forward
  • Reps 12 x 3 Sets per leg.

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Finally, now we have the knowledge of the most important Exercises of legs at home. It helps us in saving time and energy of going out and hitting the gym. We have all the peace and concentration required to do these exercises home. All of the above-mentioned exercises help us getting strong legs which helps you in overall walking activities. This later leads to having control of your body weight which minimizes most of your health issues. So gear up to these exercises of legs at home to not only have those toned but SEXY legs. 

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