The List of Mr.Olympia Winners

Mr. Olympia is a title for the winner of the bodybuilding competition held every year in the United States. It is the biggest bodybuilding contest managed by International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB). This competition’s name is Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance. Nowadays, This contest is divided into few categories such as men’s bodybuilding (Mr.Olympia) and women’s bodybuilding (Ms. Olympia), bikini contest, 212lb Bodybuilding, classic physique. It also has a bodybuilding product exhibition in that weekend. A very first Mr.Olympia contest happened in 1965, New York City. It also has prize money which is given to the winner.

There are only two bodybuilders in the history who have the most number of winning title record. Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman have 8 consecutive winning streaks.

Here is the list of All Mr.Olympia Winners:

1. Larry Scott


Larry Scott won the very first two title in 1965 and 1966 contest. He was also known by nicknames “The Legend” and “The Golden Boy”. He was the first bodybuilder who was very famous at that time. Scott retired after his 1966 victory. Harold Poole was runner-up in both years. He was the youngest bodybuilder aged 21 who competed in 1965 Olympia. Larry died in March 2014.

2. Sergio Oliva


Sergio Oliva was the winner of the 1967 Mr.Olympia competition. It was the beginning of the golden era of bodybuilding. Olivia was also known by the name “The Myth”. He showed incredible Muscle Mass and changed the definition of bodybuilding. Oliva put some serious muscles with a wide and large V-shaped upper body along with narrow muscular waist. He won 3 titles 1967 to 1969. In 1969, He defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold lost only one competition in his career.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger won in 1970 Mr. Olympia contest. He came second in 1969. He defeated Oliva in 1970 and 1972. Arnold won till 1975 Mr. Olympia titles. In 1975, he retired from bodybuilding and got a chance in Hollywood with his very first bodybuilding based movie Pumping Iron. but After 5 years, he competed again and reclaimed his 7th win in 1980.

4. Frank Zane


He won three consecutive contests 1977, 1978, and 1979 Mr.Olympia. He was not having big muscles such as Arnold or Oliva. But he had very good lean muscle mass with a complete definition of each muscle. His competitors had great muscle mass but with less definition or muscle symmetry. Frank showed and highlighted his aesthetic body to all bodybuilders. He is one of the best bodybuilders in history because of his body symmetry and muscle definition.

5. Franco Columbu

Franco had a nickname ” The Sardinian Strongman”. Because he was a powerlifter and weightlifter as well as professional bodybuilder. He was born in Sardinia, Italy. After Arnold’s retirement, he won IFBB Mr.Olympia 1976 and reclaimed is title again in 1981. In 1981, he also retired.

6. Chris Dickerson


Henri Christophe career was 30 years long. Dickerson is a bodybuilder who has the most number of bodybuilding titles in history. He was one of only two bodybuilders who won Mr.Olympia and Masters Olympia along with Dexter Jackson. Henri was the first African-American who won Mr.Olympia in 1982. He retired from bodybuilding in 1994.

7. Samir Bannout


His career lasted for 17 years. Samir had a nickname ” The Lion of Lebanon”. Samir won 1983 Mr.Olympia Title. He had some arguments with the IFBB officials over wrong behavior. because of that, he was banned for 3 years as a punishment. Later news came, he competed in the WABBA Federation, that is why he was banned.

8. Lee Haney

Lee had a record of winning eight consecutive times from 1984 to 1991. His record is still unbeaten and shared with Ronnie Coleman. After 1991, he retired from professional bodybuilding. But he selected as a Chairman of President’s Council on physical fitness and sports by President Bill Clinton after his retirement.

9. Dorian Yates


Yates had a nickname “The Shadow”. Because he avoided media and interviews all the time. He was the first English bodybuilder who won 6 Mr.Olympia titles from 1992 to 1997. he is the fifth bodybuilder who has longest winning streak after Ronnie, Lee, Phil, Arnold.

He was also the first bodybuilder who experimented with Growth Hormones. Yates also admitted that he stayed on the steroid cycle most of the times. because he won all titles and competition from 1992 to 1997. In 1997, Yates retired due to several injuries in the body.

10. Ronnie Coleman


He is the second bodybuilder in the history who won eight consecutive Mr.Olympia Titles after Lee Haney. Ronnie is suffering from a lower back injury from a very long time because he pushed his weight lifting limits to the extreme level. he is one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Ronnie set the record of the most IFBB Titles wins. But Later Dexter Jackson broke his record. He always did 800lbs squat and deadlift as well as a 2400lbs leg press. In 2006, he lost to Jay Cutler.

11. Jay Cutler

Jay started bodybuilding when he was just 18 years old. He studied criminal justice. Later, he became a bodybuilder. Cutler is the third bodybuilder in history who reclaimed his title after losing it. He won his first Mr.Olympia Title in 2006 and crowned again in 2007. In 2008, Dexter jackson defeated cutler. Jay came back bigger in 2009 and defeated Phil heath in 2010. he retired in 2013 contest and came on 6th position.

12. Dexter Jackson

Dexter has another name “The Blade”. he has won his only single Mr.Olympia title in 2008. Jackson is also having a record for winning Arnold Classic five times. He is the only person who has won both Arnold Classic and Mr.Olympia in the same year. After 10 years of winning, he is still competing in Mr.Olympia. Dexter also won Masters Olympia at the age of 43 in 2012.

13. Phil Heath – 7 Times Mr.Olympia

Phil is seven times Mr.Olympia champion from 2011 to 2017. He is sharing this winning record with Arnold and became the fourth bodybuilder who won the most number of titles. Phil started his career in 2002. But he completed his Mr.Olympia in 2008 and places third. He defeated Jay Cutler in 2011 and won his first title.

14. Shawn Rhoden


Shawn is also known by nicknames ” Flexatron” and ” Jamaican Muscle Machine”. he moved to United stated in 1990. he started his career in 1992. But Shawn won his IFBB entry card for Mr.Olympia in 2010. Because of his alcohol addiction and several injuries, his career is 26 years long. Also, He won his first title in 2018 approximately after 26 years. Shawn is the oldest bodybuilder who won Mr.Olympia at the age of 43 years and 7 months.

These are all Mr.Olympia winners from 1965 to 2018. Shawn Rhoden is currently holding this title. but Phil Heath will try to come back in 2019 Mr.Olympia to reclaim his title again. it will be very interesting to see the rivalry between 7 times winner Phil Heath and Shawn Rhoden. If you want to watch Mr.Olympia contest then you can buy Tickets by clicking here.

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