Hamstrings Exercises

A hamstring is posterior thigh muscles in the human body. The hamstrings can easily be injured. because it is a muscle between the hip and knee. A hamstring is a large muscle behind the knee. it has to be strong muscle. so we can do hamstrings exercises. There are top 3 hamstrings exercises explained properly. These can make your hamstrings strong and give your quads more strength.

Hamstring anatomy -Hamstrings Exercises

The hamstrings have a very important role in our daily routine life such as in running, walking, and playing. so hamstrings exercises make them strong enough to bear any damages or injuries.

Here are the top 3 hamstrings exercises:

1. Seated Leg Curls – Hamstrings Exercises

seated-leg-curl hamstrings exercises

Sit on the machine and Adjust the lever according to your position ( vary in height ) on the machine with the back support pad. But position your lower leg a few inches under calf on the lever’s pad. Make sure your legs are straight in front of you. Then grab the handles and start pulling the lever down with your legs. Because this is your starting position. when you contract the quads muscles, then hold the position for a few seconds. And then back to the same position. Keep doing it but again it depends on your body goals or numbers of reps that you need to grow the muscles. This exercise makes your inner and back hamstrings strong. It increases your legs strength. never jerk while doing a rep or overweight so you can swing your body while doing it because you can be injured in back or knees.

Exercise Mode: Strength
Main: Quads
Other Muscle: N/A
Equipment: Machine

2. Lying Leg Curls

lying leg curl hamstrings exercises

Manage the lever to your height and lay down on the machine ( face down ). Then adjust the lever grip on the back of your leg under the calf. Angled position is very effective for hamstring muscles as compare to the flat position. Make sure you stretch your legs and don’t forget to grab the handles before the start. Keep your legs in a straight position and do not lift your legs from pads. Then slowly curl your legs and do not compromise from your position. After fully contraction return back to the normal starting position again. Do not use overweight to avoid injury in the lower back or quads.

Exercise Mode: Strength
Main: Quads
Other Muscle: N/A
Equipment: Machine
Type: N/A

3. Barbell Stiff- Leg Deadlift


Grab a bar with palms faces down. You can also use wrist bands in case you are lifting a heavyweight. Stand straight and legs spread the same as shoulder’s width. Slightly bend your knees. And That is the starting position. Keep your knees still and keep your back straight and bend your waist. Move forward like you are picking up something until you stretch the hamstrings. Do it as per your recommended number of reps. your back should be straight and if you have any back injury then do not try this exercise.

Exercise Mode: Strength
Main: Hamstrings
Other: Glutes and Lower back
Equipment: Barbell
Type: Compound

If you have any serious injury in your back, toe or knee, then you should not perform these exercises. Always good diet and proper rest can help to lift heavy weight and gain strength.

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